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From bite size evening events to lunchtime networking, all upcoming events are open to any leader or small business owner registering in their own name. Company bookings are welcome but limited to no more than 3 people per event. Total numbers are capped at 16 places per event to ensure maximum opportunity to think, connect and grow.

NOTE. New titles are added every month - so, if you don’t find anything that appeals this visit, please check back at a later date or subscribe to my mailing list to receive details of new events and special offers as they are added.

Not all a bed of roses!

From Plantagenets to Tudors, examining the fateful strategies that determined who should wear the crown of England, and how these might play out in modern business.

Known to history as the wars of the roses, the brutal interfamilial clash between the Plantagenet Houses of Lancaster and York raged for over 30 years, ultimately clearing the way for a new royal House of Tudor to emerge victorious from the ashes. Hosted by  Karen Carpenter, Executive and Small Business Coach, this will be a series of interactive zoom events during which we will examine the circumstances and critical decisions of four vastly different leaders; Henry VI, Edward IV, Richard III, Henry VII and consider what their individual successes and failures can teach us about leadership in modern business.

Henry VI: Monday 29 April 2024, 7.25 - 8.45 pm OR
Tuesday 30 April 2024, 12.25 - 1.45 pm
Edward IV:
Monday 20 May 2024, 7.25 - 8.45 pm OR
Tuesday 28 May 2024, 12.25 - 1.45 pm
Richard III:
Monday 24 June 2024, 7.25 - 8.45 pm OR
Tuesday 25 June 2025, 12.25 - 1.45 pm
Henry VII:
Monday 29 July 2024, 7.25 - 8.45 pm OR
Tuesday 30 July 2024, 12.25 - 1.45 pm

Events may be attended as stand alone events, or as a completed series

£17 per person per event or £60 for all four purchased together in advance

20% discount for members of KCE Community.


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Flying Solo!

The online thinking community for solopreneurs

Being your own boss is tough. It's hard graft, doing lots of things you never prepared for, on top of all the things you did prepare for!! It can be scary, and it's often really lonely! In fact, one of the most common reasons sole traders and micro-business owners seek out a coach is because they have no one else they trust enough to talk things through with. Hosted by Karen Carpenter, and Kristina Rosenqvist, FLYING SOLO is an opportunity for solopreneurs to come together once a month for the purposes of exploring some of the everyday challenges of running a business in a safe, reflective community of equals. It will be participant led and is likely to include discussions relating to building personal and business resilience, as well as elements of goal setting and mutual accountability. The format will be a blend of networking, group coaching, and mastermind principles and has been designed especially for those on limited budgets. Only those serious about developing their business should apply

Evening and Lunchtime options, dates and times to be confirmed (time commitment 75 - 90 minutes)

Minimum 3 - Maximum 6 people per group

In region of £20 per person depending on final numbers

20% discount for members of KCE Community.

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Coach Chat 2024!

Leading with confidence in a complex world.

With more than half the world's population heading to the polls this year, 2024 seems set to bring even more uncertainty to businesses, large and small, across the globe. Whether we consider ourselves industry leaders, leaders of people, or solely leaders of own destiny, staying focused on what matters most, when all around is changing faster than we can keep up, and market trends are shifting whilst we sleep, is a challenge we all share. Hosted by Karen Carpenter and Kristina Rosenqvist, 'Leading with confidence in a complex world' is an opportunity to reflect with other leaders on the changing shape of the world around us, to think about the impact of global forces on local business, and consider the strategies that might help us perform at our best in what seems an increasingly volatile environment.

Alternate Tuesday evenings, 7.30 - 8.45 pm

Series of five stand alone modules, starting Tuesday 9 April 2024

£95 for all five modules paid in advance or £25 per module pay as you go.

20% discount for members of KCE Community.

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