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If your horse says no, you either asked the wrong question, or asked the question wrong.

Pat Parelli

Grace, Clarity, and Order

From carrying us to war, bringing in the harvest, and transporting us to our chosen destinations – horses and ponies have been the enforced work companions of humans since the earliest of times. Without them, our development as a race would surely have taken a different track. Powerful, spiritual forces of nature, they have adapted their nature to serve our purposes. And yet, throughout the ages, they have never lost their nobility, their wisdom, or the clarity of their communication.

The Equine collection are highly interactive events, inviting participants to share in the lessons learned from a lifetime interacting with and observing my equine friends. Available as a basic two hour workshop or, to incorporate business specific outcomes, choose half day, or full day events. Bespoke programmes also available.

Prices start at £299 for a two hour workshop for up to 12 participants with one facilitator online.

No More Horsing Around!

Lessons in performance management from a retired racehorse.

Using anecdotes from their racing partnership, Karen Carpenter and Sunrise Sadiq will share some of the key elements involved in training and running a potential winner. From spotting talent to crossing the finish line and careful after care - this will be an interactive event during which we will consider how these strategies relate to our own roles as leaders and entrepreneurs in our highly competitive post-lockdown world.

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No More Horsing Around!

Creating a stable environment for you and your team to thrive.

As anyone who has worked with our equine friends knows, horses are masters of the art of swift feedback. Do something right, you will know it – do something wrong, you will know about that too! From picking the right companions to managing tensions in the hierarchy, keeping your assets safe and your pastures clean, whilst all the time maintaining critical boundaries – running a happy, healthy, ‘stable‘ yard requires many of the skills we more usually associate with a busy office environment. But with horses, what you see is what you get - and, with no office politics to complicate the picture, what needs to be done may require skill, but is generally fairly straight forward. The key to success lies in noticing what needs to be done and acting on what you see. Hosted by Karen Carpenter, this is an interactive event during which we will consider how the lessons of the stable yard can help us manage the challenges of the office and, ultimately, add value to the bottom line.

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Each event I attend seems to exceed my expectations as it's with new and old people so everyone brings a new vibe to the chat, it’s also nice looking back into the past and trying to understand how and why things happened. The participation from everyone is nicely timed between the story and information etc. I would definitely recommend this to other people. I have found it’s really helped me realise the importance of seeing things from a different view and how it’s important to have people who are thinking differently in your team.

Patrick O’Grady, Operations Manager, Simply Interview
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Even as a “non-horsey” person I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed this event. Karen and Barney, (the retired racehorse), gave us 16 lessons and insights from their world of racing which, when applied to business life, will aid not only performance but also enjoyment. I came away with several actionable ideas and new perspectives.

Kristina Rosenqvist, Leadership Coach
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Having had a coaching session with Karen a few years ago, to receive an invite to her event on zoom I had no hesitation in booking on. For me to sit for an hour is most unusual. The story of a race horses life in relation to running my own businesses was thought provoking. Karen made the meeting really interesting to listen to and comfortable to join in conversation following each survey's result. I've been on zoom meetings before and they can be so boring but I felt very engaged and enjoyed my sit down immensely. Thank you Karen.

Sarah Hopper - Ferndell B&B

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