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Success is dependent on effort.


The Satisfactory Accomplishment of a Desired Outcome

From early childhood to the angst of teenage years, and on to the challenges of adulthood, the meaning of success is a highly personal concept, susceptible over the years to the changing influence of those with whom we share our lives, goals and ambitions. And yet, there are certain principles that transcend individual objectives and can be found at the root of all successful endeavours.

The Success collection are highly interactive events, inviting participants to explore the relevance of common principles of success to current business objectives, and consider together how these might be applied, or enhanced, in practice. Available as a basic two hour workshop or, to incorporate business specific outcomes, choose half day, or full day events. Bespoke programmes also available.

Prices start at £299 for a two hour workshop for up to 12 participants with one facilitator online.

The Keys to Success!

Nine simple strategies successful people use to get from where they are, to where they want to be.

Whatever your philosophy on life; whether you are spiritually, psychologically, or business minded, or subscribe to a more neurological explanation of why we behave as we do – certain strategies consistently show up as indicators of successs. Hosted by Karen Carpenter, this is an interactive event during which we will explore how these simple strategies can help each of us to get from where we are now, to where we want to be.

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Tips from the oche that might just help you score a bullseye with your business.

Using anecdotes from the highly competitive world of amateur and superleague darts, we will consider how these same strategies have the potential to substantially increase productivity and performance in the worlds of leadership and business. Hosted by Karen Carpenter, this is an interactive event blending professional development with group coaching. If you are looking for a different approach to leadership development, for yourself, or for members of your team, this is it!

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The Call of the Wild!

Adapting Behaviour to Leverage Competitive Edge.

Using examples from across the natural world, we will explore how unique adaptations in behaviour can make the difference between surviving and thriving in the short term, and the difference between evolution and extinction in the longer term. Hosted by Karen Carpenter, this is an interactive event during which we will consider how variations of these adaptations can be applied to modern business scenarios; from leadership to team management, financial planning to marketing, risk assessment to agile working, and ultimately business growth. Blending professional development with elements group coaching, if you are looking for a different approach to leadership and business development, this is it!

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Down Not Out!

Managing the inevitable slips, trips, and falls of modern business.

Most of us, at some stage in our life, will experience unexpected injury. How we deal with that injury and the inconveniences it brings to our daily lives is unique to each of us and is likely to shape, to a greater or lesser extent, the person we become during the process of recovery. The same might be said for the inevitable slips, trips, and falls that occur in business. Hosted by Karen Carpenter, this online event will explore how the learning from our experiences of physical hurt, when applied to everyday business practice, can build resilience, aid recovery, and help sustain healthy growth.

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Let's Get Positive!

10 practical tips to cultivate a Positive Mental Attitude.

Research tells us that having a positive mental attitude can contribute to our overall sense of well being and increase our chances of living a meaningful and successful life. But, what does 'Positive Mental Attitude' actually mean? And how can those of a less sanguine nature go about building a more positive mindset? Hosted by Karen Carpenter, this is an interactive event blending personal development with elements of group coaching as we explore 10 tried and tested means of increasing positivity in life and business.

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The Answer Lies Within!

Ever looked up to someone and wondered, what is it within them that enables them to be the person you admire? Ever looked ahead and wondered, can I really do this? Maybe you've had an experience that filled you with wonder, or achieved something you are really proud of? Perhaps you've surprised yourself with what you are capable of achieving? We are capable of so much more than we imagine, when we allow ourselves to connect with our true potential. Hosted by Karen Carpenter, this is an interactive event during which we will be reflecting on moments of triumph and inspiration in our own lives, and reminding ourselves just how wonderful the journey can be, once we understand that the realisation of all our ambitions lies within our own control.

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What's keeping you awake this Halloween?

Mummies and vampires, ghosts and ghouls – we all encounter a few monsters in our business from time to time. Some cross our paths in the guise of difficult situations thrust upon us, others we create for ourselves. How we respond can have a huge impact, often determining the limits of our ongoing success. Hosted by Karen Carpenter, this is an interactive event during which we will explore some of the common threats to our business, and consider how we might finally exchange the nightmare for the dream.

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Slaying the Dragon!

Getting to grips with the mythical beasts of modern business.

Most of us will have grown up listening to ancient stories of epic adventure – stories in which a reluctant hero does battle with a series of monstrous creatures in pursuit of a lofty goal. In most cases he, or she, undergoes a process of radical transformation whilst overcoming obstacles that, on the surface, appear impossible to the ordinary mortal. But, whilst the hero generally emerges victorious, they rarely emerge unscathed. Hosted by Karen Carpenter, this is an interactive event during which we will consider the role of the mythical beasts themselves, where and when they might show up in our modern world of business, and the strategies we may need to develop to overcome the challenges they bring, and safely harness the power they unleash.

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Self-Help Strategies:

Help or Hindrance?

For those of us committed to personal growth, and developing our professional skills, there are certain strategies we are very familiar with, eg; ‘eat that frog’, ‘feel the fear & do it anyway’, ‘what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger’, & many others. But do these always work? As a coach, I hear many exciting anecdotes of success experienced by clients who diligently implement these strategies – the hugely positive impact on mindset & performance. But I also hear despondency from those who struggle to master core principles & end up deflated when the battle against natural instincts proves a challenge too far. Hosted by Karen Carpenter, this will be an interactive event during which we will share our experiences of some of the most familiar strategies & consider what else might work to help bring about the changes we crave.

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A new way to me of getting across information and making it more relevant. Karen used some personal experiences, (fascinating enough on their own!) keeping us interested whilst cleverly relating examples of business strategy within the anecdotes. A different way of getting information across, using a different angle, with an added bonus if meeting some new contacts. Highly recommend these virtual seminars- whatever the subject matter.

Jane Shaw, J S Business & Admin
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I had the pleasure of attending another one of Karen’s events ‘the call of the wild’ session and this did not disappoint. Similarly, to other events held, the different take on leadership skills and subsequent discussion is refreshing and in addition we get to learn about another topic, in this instance animal behaviours and traits – which is great. I would absolutely recommend this type of session – great content and a really interesting group of attendees.  Thank you.

Marie Speight Freelance HR Consultant
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I found Karen’s events really interesting and helpful, especially in terms of personal reflection. They allow you to engage with a range of different individuals from varying backgrounds and experience whose reflections make you think. The content is very unique which makes them a lot more interesting and you can see the whole group has enjoyed and taken something away from the event.

Ashley Downing, Founder & Head Coach, Salopia Health & Performance
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I was invited to attend one of Karen’s online coaching sessions “The Call Of The Wild” and was somewhat reticent at the thought of having to engage in something that was getting in the way of my busy day, but as the session went on I found myself becoming more and more engaged with the topic; I enjoyed spending time with my peer group, something that I do not do enough of, by the end of the session I was fully engaged. Karen was able to turn what seemed a simple topic at the time into an informative and insightful way of how we conduct our thoughts and processes in everyday life and how we might change these for the better, for me I will not look at any animal or insect again in the same way and I am looking forward to the next session.

Ian Bebbington, Chief Executive - West Midlands Showground

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